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Policies, Processes and all that Jazz

Made with you in Mind

Our jewelry is made to order. This means that once we’ve received your order, we will promptly start creating the piece for you, and only you, which gives it a special and unique meaning to just you. Depending on the piece, production time is 5-10 working days, but please allow for -/+ 1-2 days, as we always want to make sure everything is just right for you before we send it off. We will communicate with you along the way, and promptly send you a tracking number once your special package is in transit. 


Solid Gold is Forever

All of our jewelry is solid gold, and most of our pieces are made of 14k gold, which is 58.3% gold mixed with carefully picked alloys. This is a happy metal mix for everyday durability and what is considered fine jewelry. 

Everything you see is authentic solid gold. Not plated, gold filled or hollow. 


Production Techniques

We use high quality instruments for the handmade pieces, and sharp precision for laser cutting our signature bold gold corners. 



All of our jewelry will come with a beautiful, ribbon adorned soft flannel pouch in a slide box for extra care and safety while in transit. This means that your order is ready to be gifted to yourself or someone else as soon as it's in your mailbox. If your order is a gift, let us know, and we will not include your receipt in the parcel, you will, of course, have it via email. If we know the lucky receiver's name, we will be super happy to include a personal note for them. 


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